India, Mumbai

57 precious souls receive Jesus Christ at this Juve­nile Deten­tion Centre in Mumbai, India.

In just one visit, 57 lost souls received Jesus Christ as there personal Lord and Savior. These precious souls received the message of forgiveness and hope contained in the GoodNews Daily devotional, who found solace, joy and a renewed sense of purpose in God's Word.

The gospel message and mission of Jesus Christ still remains a formidable force in centres like this, as well as prisons around the world as we continue to share the gospel message of grace and profound teachings of Prophet Uebert Angel.


Zimbabwe, Bulawayo

Touching communities in Bulawayo through your partnership

Our mission trip to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe enabled us to reach the wider communities including many orphanages where we encountered orphaned, deprived, excluded and vulnerable children. Through your partnership we were able to provide these precious children with food, clothing, day to day essentials and school equipment, including The GoodNews Daily kids giving them hope, direction, and a closer relationship with God. We have also partnered with the Uebert Angel Foundation and facilitated the payment of school fees for thousands of children giving them the best head start in life.



Cambodia, Sihanoukville

The Bible has been prohibited in Cambodia but the impact of the daily devotional is very tangible

The arrival of the GoodNews Daily devotional in Cambodia was indeed an answer to the prayers of many persecuted Christians that live in this Nation. With the rise of persecution, across the Middle East and Asia, Christians were unable to proclaim the gospel and were given prison sentences for carrying a Bible.

Through our global missions and outreaches, a vast number of children were super excited to receive this messenger angel, ready to cover their cities, towns, and villages with the Word of God. Many children received Jesus Christ, were baptized, and were welcomed to their new church family amidst all the persecution of the church. The daily devotional is now printed and distributed in their local language and has  been added to their school curriculum so that they can continue to study the Word of God.



Pakistan, Islamabad

Empowering children in Pakistan through education

Education is a powerful catalyst for change, and The GoodNews Daily devotional recognizes its significance in empowering young children,  individuals and communities. In Islamabad, Pakistan our mission outreach was to take significant strides to improve access to education for these young children.

Through the establishment of schools and scholarship programs and adding the GoodNews Daily devotional to the curriculum, it has opened doors of opportunity and helped these children build a brighter future.



Fiji, Nadi, Suva & Labasa

Fiji, a nation rich in culture and potential, exemplifies the power of unity and the human spirit

The impact of this devotional extends beyond the individual level, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within the rural communities of Fiji.

By bringing people together, through collaborative initiatives and partnerships, the GoodNews Daily devotional has magnified its impact and brought about transformative change on a larger scale to the island of Fiji. Our outreach campaign has brought much-needed hope, support, and transformation to countless individuals and families across the many surrounding islands, providing essential resources and fostering education and spiritual growth.



India, Hyderabad

Understanding the importance of language in spreading the gospel in Hyderabad, India

Over 100 children were gifted copies of the devotional translated into Hindi, a common language with over 600 million speakers in India. The excitement and gratitude from the children were palpable, proving that language can bridge cultural and geographical barriers in the quest to share the gospel for children and adults alike. Through your partnership we were able to provide these precious children with food, clothing, day to day essentials and school equipment to help them get the best start in life.



United Kingdom, London

Baby Dedication ceremony performed in Spirit Embassy, The GoodNews Church

God sent His only Son into this broken world as a perfectly innocent baby. Celebrating the birth of Jesus takes on a whole new meaning when you have children of your own. Baby Dedication is a ceremony performed in Spirit Embassy, The GoodNews Church, to recognize that our children are a gift from God. With that gift comes the God-given responsibility and privilege to raise these precious children to know our Lord Jesus.

In today's world it is paramount that we bring our children to the Lord for the love, grace and wisdom and most importantly to teach them the Word of God; and to live their lives as an example of the life and love of Jesus Christ. 

Nothing we could ever give our children in this world compares to the promise of eternal life in our Lord Jesus, and for this very reason Baby Dedication is a day to be celebrated.



Our Global Impact 

The global impact The GoodNews Daily Devotional is making around the world

From different places to different worlds, we encounter testimonies of transformation and the power of God’s Word. Many nations, families, individuals and children have been touched by this incredible devotional, spreading the light of the gospel to every corner of the earth.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and reports on how the GoodNews Daily continues to impact lives around the world. Our Sunday school children have recognized the importance of studying, meditating on, and confessing the Word of God for personal growth and the transformation of their lives.

Together, let’s embrace the power of God’s Word and experience its life-changing effect.



Global Graduation Day

The global graduation day marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of our young children and their spiritual journey

The impact of the GoodNews Daily kids promises to revolutionize their lives and bring about positive change. 

Our children eagerly embrace the message contained in the devotional, understanding that it holds the key to a transformed future as they grow up into young adults. They expressed gratitude for the impact it has made on their lives and the new experience of God’s Word it has brought to them. This is just the beginning of greater things to come and we are excited to follow their journey to a winning, joyful and prosperous life.


GoodNews Nation Exhibition

GoodNews Nation Exhibition 2023

The annual GoodNews Nation Exhibition featured all of the exploits and achievements of the GoodNews World Ministry including the well renowned GoodNews Daily Devotional Kids which has made a huge impact across the world. The event takes place during the Annual Exodus Crossover Season with The Commander-in-Chief of The GoodNews World, Prophet Uebert Angel. The GoodNews Nation Exhibition helps expand the vision and inspires faith for the future of our leaders and our partners. 

The Lord has called us to fulfill a very definite purpose, which is to take His divine presence to the peoples and nations of the world, through the vehicle that is The GoodNews Daily Devotional and to demonstrate the character of His Spirit everywhere.


Global Evangelism Outreaches

Transforming lives through Global Evangelism Outreaches

The truth of God’s word and profound teachings of Prophet Uebert Angel has penetrated the hearts of millions of souls across the world leading to an internal transformation. The GoodNews daily devotional has been instrumental in changing these lives and transforming nations worldwide, bringing hope and faith in seemingly hopeless situations.

If you feel called to this purpose, consider becoming a partner today and join the evangelical outreaches to the nations of the world. By doing so, you can take part in spreading God’s word to the ends of the earth before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.