Founders Prophets Uebert & Beverly Angel

Prophet Uebert Angel is the Founder of Spirit Embassy The GoodNews Church and is regarded as the godfather of the modern-day prophetic movement. He is a leading global voice and pioneer of cutting-edge prophetic demonstrations, thus being the biggest stakeholder in the prophetic movement, as God had specifically called him from the tender age of seven years old, to lead the prophetic movement in this last dispensation before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Spirit Embassy The GoodNews Church is also synonymous with deep revelations, miracles, signs, and wonders as well as unique manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit. As the prophet to Christianity, Prophet Uebert Angel has also raised powerful men and women of God all around the world, who are making an impact in changing lives every day and winning souls to the Kingdom of God. 




The GoodNews Daily devotional kids is not just a devotional; it’s a life-changing encounter with God’s Word. 

Through this devotional we will create a positive and enriching experience for kids as they engage with the teachings and revelation of Jesus Christ under the tutelage of Prophet Uebert Angel.


Stay connected on this journey as we celebrate the glorious impact of the GoodNews Daily devotional and witness the incredible stories of transformation that will inspire and uplift your spirit.


Let the triumphant impact of the GoodNews Daily devotional spread to even more Nations around the world through your partnership.